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Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Cushions, Walkers, and More

Repeated trips to the hospital can be both costly and burdensome for patients and caregivers. Each one of our wheelchairs is engineered with preventative safety measures in mind, stopping acute complications before they occur.

Every body is different, and our patients are no exception. Our wheelchairs are built with adjustable functions so you can tailor your wheelchair to fit your needs and your body.

Never worry about audits or policy changes again, as our paperwork extensively covers the required medical documentation by Medicare to make sure your patient's medical equipment needs are met.

Our online referral system integrates closely with EMR and EHR systems.

Reduce your workload. Send once. Receive once.

Every patient is different. Different conditions necessitate different equipment for completing Mobility-Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADls) and leading a happy, functional life. All our wheelchairs are built to be infinitely customizable in order to meet the differing needs of patients.

Every single one of our wheelchairs is designed with prevention in mind as well, keeping patients at home and out of the hospital.

When it comes to your patients and your loved ones, a little can go a long way. We provide a number of features for our wheelchairs that increase both the comfort and safety of our patients.

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Moisture reduction can be an important part of preventing pressure ulcers. Many patients who qualify for a wheelchair will also qualify for skin protection condition with special moisture-reducing technology that enables the patient's skin to stay dry and free from breakdown or infection. Read on below to see what conditions and codes qualify for a skin protection cushion. If your patient doesn't qualify for a skin protection cushion, don't worry, all patients who qualify for a wheelchair qualify for a general use cushion.​

Our walkers are built to be walked with. No matter where you need to walk, no matter how you plan to get there. Pair one of our walkers with a Gel Mattress Overlay (works with any bed) for improved support and pressure ulcer prevention.

We understand that documenting medical necessity can be daunting at times and can vary depending on the type of wheelchair. In order to ensure that your patient qualifies for the items they need, make sure to do the following:

Medicare requires you to state the patient's precise mobility limitation to document why the patient needs a wheelchair. Be specific. Some facts about the patient's condition may seem obvious to us, but since Medicare doesn't see the patient on a daily basis, thus they need a more detailed explanation.

Make sure to state what activities the patient is unable to perform and how their condition prevents them from performing these actions. Explain how using a wheelchair will make the patient more able to complete daily tasks. Also make sure to state that the patient's impairment cannot be resolved by the use of a cane or walker.

Medicare requires that each patient who gets a wheelchair is able to safely use it in the confines of their own home. Not all home arrangements are suitable for wheelchairs, so it needs to be identified that the patient (or a caregiver) is willing and able to safely operate a wheelchair in the home.

If the patient requires a wheelchair larger than the standard size, medical notes must document the patient's seated hip measurement to specify the need for a larger wheelchair.

All patients who qualify for a wheelchair qualify for a general use seating cushion. Patients at a heightened risk for pressure ulcers may also qualify for a moisture reducing skin-protection cushion.

Make sure to indicate the following:

  • The patient has limited mobility.
  • The patient's MRADL’s are significantly impaired.
  • The patient's impairment cannot be resolved by the use of a cane or walker.
  • Using a wheelchair will improve the patient's participation in MRADL’s.
  • The patient can safely use a wheelchair in their home.
  • The patient cannot propel in a standard wheelchair, but he or she can self-propel in a lightweight wheelchair.
  • If the patient requires a 20” wheelchair, their seated hip width must be greater than 19".
  • The patient or caregiver is willing to use the wheelchair in the home.
  • G10 - Huntington's Disease
  • B91 - Sequelae of Poliomyelitis
  • G11.1 - G11.9 - Various Ataxia
  • G12.1 - G12.9 - Muscle Atrophy
  • G20 - G21.4 - Parkinson's Disease
  • G30.0 - G30.9 - Alzheimer’s
  • G35 - Multiple Sclerosis
  • G80 - G80.9 - Cerebral Palsy
  • G81.0 - G 81.94 - Hemiplegia
  • G82.20 - G83.14 - Paraplegia/Quadriplegia/Monoplegia
  • I69.041 - I69.959 - Hemiplegia/Monoplegia due to Intracerebral/Intracranial/Cerebrovascular Disease (such as a stroke or other brain injury))
  • L89.130 - l89.45 - Pressure Ulcer on the Torso
  • M62.89 - Other Specified Disorders of Muscle
  • S78.0 - 78.929 - Hip Replacement
  • S88.0 - S88.929 - Amputation
Home Hospital Beds
  • Trapeze for Hospital Bed
  • Semi-Electric Hospital Bed with Full Rails
  • Semi-Electric Hospital Bed with Half Rails
  • Semi-Electric Hospital Bed without Rails
Support Surfaces and Wound Treatment
  • Gel Mattress Overlays
  • Low Air Loss Mattresses
Other Products
  • Hoyer Patient Lift with Full Body Sling
  • Hoyer Patient Lift with Mesh Sling Commode Opening
  • 3-in-1 Commode
  • 3-in1 Commode with Drop Arm
Mobility Equipment
  • Standard Walker
  • Junior Walker
  • Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
  • Heavy-Duty Manual Wheelchair
  • Reclining Wheelchair
Wheelchair Cushions and Support Surfaces
  • General Use Wheelchair Seat Cushion
  • Positioning Wheelchair Seat Cushion
  • Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion
  • Back Support Cushion
Wheelchair Features
  • Anti-Tipping Devices
  • Heel Loops
  • Brake Handle Extensions
  • Elevating Leg Rests
  • Arm Troughs
  • Oxygen Tank Carriers
  • Transfer Boards
  • Height Adjustable Arms
  • Seat Belts