Other Products

Hoyer Lifts, Commodes, and More

Just like all our other products, Hoyer lifts and commodes come with warranties in order to ensure maximum patient safety and to keep equipment in usable shape for as long as you need it.

Sometimes you or a patient finds themselves in a situation where a wheelchair or a bed isn't enough. How do you move from one to the other? That's where our "Other Products" come in. These products ease the transition from a hospital setting to the home and help to assure a speedy recovery.

All equipment can be delivered directly to the patient's doorstep on the day they're discharged. What's better than having a new bed waiting for you when you get home after an arduous time spent in the hospital?

Our online referral system integrates closely with EMR and EHR systems.

Reduce your workload. Send once. Receive once.

The products listed below are all about making it easier for patients to move between supportive devices independently. By increasing the ability to move independently, patients can be on their way to a speedy recovery or achieve more freedom in their day to day lives.

Home Hospital Beds
  • Trapeze for Hospital Bed
  • Semi-Electric Hospital Bed with Full Rails
  • Semi-Electric Hospital Bed with Half Rails
  • Semi-Electric Hospital Bed without Rails
Support Surfaces and Wound Treatment
  • Gel Mattress Overlays
  • Low Air Loss Mattresses
Other Products
  • Hoyer Patient Lift with Full Body Sling
  • Hoyer Patient Lift with Mesh Sling Commode Opening
  • 3-in-1 Commode
  • 3-in1 Commode with Drop Arm
Mobility Equipment
  • Standard Walker
  • Junior Walker
  • Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
  • Heavy-Duty Manual Wheelchair
  • Reclining Wheelchair
Wheelchair Cushions and Support Surfaces
  • General Use Wheelchair Seat Cushion
  • Positioning Wheelchair Seat Cushion
  • Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion
  • Back Support Cushion
Wheelchair Features
  • Anti-Tipping Devices
  • Heel Loops
  • Brake Handle Extensions
  • Elevating Leg Rests
  • Arm Troughs
  • Oxygen Tank Carriers
  • Transfer Boards
  • Height Adjustable Arms
  • Seat Belts